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Why “Bien Caramélisé”?

The French term means ‘well caramelised’ in English.
Caramelisation is one of our favourite food chemical reactions, as it transform sugars and releases hundreds of flavour compounds to make even the simplest food into a delicious, multi-dimensional delight on the palate.

Our ambition is simple.

To create delicious, sustainable food from plants only.

Just as most people’s notion of pastry is dictated by tradition, we aim to push boundaries and challenge ourselves in creating sweets that do not conform to the standard list of ‘essential’ ingredients, such as eggs, dairy, white flour and refined sugar.  By using a range of different natural ingredients and no animal products, we help to keep a more sustainable food system and reduce the harmful impact on our planet, as well as adding more variety of nutrients into our bodies, even when eating dessert!

Many of our ingredients are of organic origins and, as much as possible, we aim to support local small businesses, sourcing produce from our network of local farmers.

Being on a plant-based diet is only one way to help the earth.  We also work hard to minimise wastage in our cooking, daily operations, and packaging.

We invite each and every person to enjoy our creations for what it is, delicious and indulgent, while knowing that it has a positive impact on our environment.


Chef and founder Jessica started her pastry journey 11 years ago, and since then she has travelled and worked in various countries to develop her style and techniques in the magical art of sweets.
Finally it was her stay in Berlin that piqued her interest, and later passion in pursuing plant-based pastries exclusively.
After 3 years of hard work and research, she founded Bien Caramélisé, to share with you her visions for the evolution of baking and pastries.


Founder and Chef

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