Terms & Conditions 條款及細則

Once you place an order, you have agreed to the full terms & conditions set out below by Bien Caramélisé.
下訂單後,即表示您同意 Bien Caramélisé 列出的所有條款。

If any discrepancies are found between the English and Chinese version of the terms and conditions, the English version will take precedence.

1. We encourage you to pick-up your order from our shop.

If self pick-up is not possible, we can arrange for courier services such as Gogovan/LalaMove on your behalf, with delivery payment be made on arrival to destination.
We will not be liable for any damages and/or losses after the order has left our premises.

2. When making an order, please ensure to inform us of any allergies.
DISCLAIMER: We do not add any eggs, dairy, gelatine and other animal products into our creations, however there may be traces of the above contaminants in some of the base ingredients from our suppliers, and that is beyond our control.

As well: GLUTEN, SOY, COCONUT and NUTS/SEEDS are processed frequently in our kitchen.  While we take the utmost care to ensure minimal cross-contamination, there may still be traces of said allergens in your product.

We are not liable to any allergic reactions stemming from consuming our products which was not communicated to us beforehand.

3. For confirmation of orders, payment must be paid in full, minimum 48 hours before pick-up. Once payment is made, we will send out confirmation receipt via whatsapp/email.  This receipt must be presented upon pickup of your order.  No cancellation/refund will be granted once order has been confirmed, and any changes are subjected to the discretion of Bien Caramélisé and may not be granted.

4. To promote less wastage, we encourage our customers to bring, when possible, their own containers and/or cooler bags to pick up your order.  As well, we will only provide eco-friendly cutlery, and candles upon request.

5. In case of extreme weather conditions (i.e. T8 or above, black rainstorm warning), we will contact you to arrange for alternate pick-up time. Refunds will not be granted for bad weather conditions.

6. Due to the artisanal nature of our products, your order may look slightly different to the reference photos.  As well, different sizes of the same product may not have the same design; we will inform you of that ahead of your purchase.

7. Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice.

8. Bien Caramélisé reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions without prior notice.


1. Full payment must be made minimum 72 hours before class date to secure your booking. No bookings are confirmed nor any spots guaranteed until full payment received and a confirmation email/WhatsApp has been sent to the participant. Availability is subjected to change without notice.

2. All workshops are non-refundable, however ONE rescheduling is permitted for any booking with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice before designated session, with rescheduled workshop subjected to availability and must be fulfilled within 3 months of original date, otherwise the right to reschedule will be forfeited.

3. A minimum of 3 participants are required to run a workshop, otherwise it may be cancelled. In case of cancellation due to insufficient student numbers/emergency situations/extreme weather conditions (i.e. Black Rain Warning, Typhoon No. 8 or above), Bien Caramélisé will contact you to reschedule OR offer full refund of class cost.

4. Inform us of any allergy concerns BEFORE you make a booking to verify whether we could accomodate to your dietary requirements.  Requests made after booking or on the day of the workshop may not be granted.

5. All photos on any media outlets we use are copyrighted and for reference only. The final results of your creations may or may not resemble what is shown in the photos depending on the capability of the participant, and we cannot be liable for any complaints due to failed expectations. Due to seasonality of organic ingredients, slight changes to ingredients and/or presentation of final product may change without prior notice.

6. We at Bien Caramélisé reserves the right, at our discretion, to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

7. As participants in any workshops or events run by any staff at Bien Caramélisé, you inherently acknowledge of the presence and use of kitchen equipment and/or tools that could potentially be dangerous and may cause injury.  Bien Caramélisé are removed from any liability that occurs due to accidents beyond our control.

8. All tools and equipment used in class remains the property of Bien Caramélisé. In case of damage/loss due to negligence on the participant’s part, we may require said participant to compensate for such loss and/or damage.

9. We do not take any responsibility for any loss or damages to personal property while running an event. Please ensure any valuable items are kept safe at all times.

If any dispute arises, Bien Caramélisé reserves the rights for final decision.


1. 我們鼓勵閣下親身到取你的訂單。

2. 若果閣下有對任何食材敏感,請在下訂單的同時緊記通知我們。我們所有的產品均不含動物性產品,包括乳製品,雞蛋和魚膠/吉利丁。 但是,我們廚房經常會使用到麩質大豆,椰子和堅果類產品。我們會盡最大努力確保將交叉污染降到最低,但請注意,您的產品中仍然可能存在微量的上述過敏原。

3. 請在提取貨品48小時前完成全數付款手續以確定訂單。付款手續完成後,我們會經WhatsApp 或電郵向閣下寄出確認收據。 在提取貨品時需要出示此收據。
訂單一被確認後便不可以除消或退款,並且Bien Caramélisé 擁有訂單修改之最後決定權。

4. 如閣下未能於指定日期內提取訂單,將作自動放棄論。

5. 減少浪費並提倡環保,我們鼓勵閣下自備冷凍袋,儲存盒。若有需要,可向我們索取環保餐具及蠟燭,我們並不會主動提供。

6. 在天文台發出八號颱風、黑色暴雨或極端天氣訊號情況下,我們會聯絡並通知閣下新的貨品提取安排,而並不會退款。

7. 所有訂單為全人手制作,而展示之相片只作參考之用,一切以最終實物為準。

8. Bien Caramélisé 保留所有條款之最後更改決定權而不需要作另行通告。

若有任何爭議,Bien Caramélisé 保留最終決定權。

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